Vlogs! Yea or Nay? (blog #33)

Jake A. Strife on December 7, 2016
Blog #33: Vlogs! Yea or Nay?
About five or six years back, I bought a PlayStation Vita handheld system. I thought I would use it mostly for gaming, but as it turned out, I used it for a lot of video blogs. The camera quality sucked, and I wasn’t in the best frame of mind, so my Vlogs were usually just random amounts of speech on random subjects. I even once did a Vlog while walking around Six Flags Magic Mountain out in California. Thinking back on it now, I wonder how I was able to do such a thing without being extremely nervous and self-conscious. Why? Because now I am. I never received negative comments, nor did I get attacked by any trolls. But for some reason, I feel hesitation in doing so again, even though I know that Vlogs would help build my Youtube channel and probably help with sales on my two published books.
I see so many people doing Vlogs, or even Let’s Play (streaming gaming w/audio commentary) videos. Some of them have no business doing so with how awful their profanity is during said videos, other bad habits excluded. But even seeing this, I still fear to do Vlogs again. Is it because I can’t handle a troll? No. I can handle trolls. I’ve been dealing with them ever since I began posting my writing on Wattpad, albeit, I’ve had only one truly negative comment ever posted on my work (And that’s w/almost 1,000,000 reads across all my stories). Do I not have a thick skin? I may be somewhat guilty on that one. As a writer, one must always have a thick skin. Maybe it’s more so that I don’t enjoy conflict and the needless act of putting people down online, even if they deserve it.
Or maybe it’s just that I’m too lazy. I mean, heck, I barely do regular blogs. What I do a lot, is uploaded gaming videos on YouTube, W/O commentary. Do I get views? Barely. But I don’t care much. I do the videos just to keep a record of what I’ve accomplished. I do hold over 4,200 trophies 68 of them platinum, with Final Fantasy XV in line to be my 69th…. but I digress.
So my issue still isn’t solved. And the issue is… should I start doing Vlogs again? I know the answer is yes… So the ACTUAL problem is how to get me to pick up my phone’s camera, or my laptop camera, or even my PS Vita again. All I have to do is press record on any of these devices, and I’m off! But about what? I don’t even know. I used to try and write scripts, but I always deviated from them 120%. Hmm, I guess I’ll just have to keep thinking on that.
So for my writing update…
1. I’m only on Chapter 7 (posted) of Dark Dayz: Shaded Noon; book 2 of my trapped in VR horror series. I have the rest of the book outlined; I just haven’t gotten to it as much as I should. (Yes, I still find time to write a chapter nearly every day, despite my gaming).
2. I recently started posting chapters of my FanFic again; Earthbound: A Hero Chosen. With that, I just posted Chapter 36 last night. It’s been three slow years of posting that book. I created it to draw people to my Wattpad profile and never thought I’d make it this far into the story. Sadly, most of the people… maybe all of them… who read Earthbound have never read one of my original novels. So in the sense of drawing people, it’s failed. I have over 28,000 reads on Earthbound, and a handful of individuals who vote within the first few minutes of posting a chapter, and I appreciate each and every one of them. THUS, why I plan to continue Earthbound until it’s finished. (Even if it takes me another three years)
3. GodForge: Forge of the Body; book 2 of my original fantasy world trilogy, is still the book I plan to write next. Followed by Omega Virus 6.
4. I also still plan on publishing Strange World 1: Grimoire (next), followed shortly by Omega Virus 2: Gamma Hour. So if you haven’t read those, they’ll be on Wattpad for a bit. Please vote and comment if you do. Once I publish them, I’ll be forced to take them down from Wattpad due to contract terms w/Amazon. So enjoy now, and enjoy later by picking up a Kindle Ebook or Paperback copy.
Let me know what you think about Vlogging, or if you have any questions or requests, please, feel free to speak up.
Thanks for reading and keep on keeping on!

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