Some Good in this World, Mr. Frodo

Jake A. Strife on December 31, 2016

Yes, if you’ve somehow forgotten, tonight is the night we welcome in the New Year.

December 31, 2016.
Needless to say, 2016 was something… else.
We said goodbye to too many celebrities…
The election caused us all emotional stress, one way or another…
And changes in my own life caused this year to be chaotic at best…

So with that said, GOODBYE 2016 and HELLO 2017.
May you not be the sequel to your serial killer sibling that was out for blood 366 days in a row.

I’ve always viewed New Years as a fresh start. A new beginning. A new chance at makin things go right.
Of course, this doesn’t always happen. It seems to happen rarely! But still, it IS a chance. And with that there’s hope.
If we didn’t have hope, what else would we have? A wise friend of mine recently said on Facebook that he feels like 2016 is an omen for something to come. I don’t usually believe in omens, superstitions, etc. But somehow, in my gut, I feel he’s right. And it’s a scary thought.

In regards to Wattpad, I wanted to give an update as to my end of the year statistics…
Throughout all of my stories, I have 494,000 reads, and somewhere around 20,000 votes.
Not the numbers I was hoping for to close out 2016. I’m hoping it’ll pick up in 2017 a bit.
The truth is, it likely won’t. As I publish my books from Wattpad, I lose new readers, voters, and commenters.
People flock to Wattpad to read books for free, not purchase books, even if they think the first few chapters are great. I recently had a reader read/vote for the first three chapters of Dark Dayz book 1. Then they immediately skipped to Dark Dayz book 2 and voted for that book. Puzzling, to say the least.

On the other hand, being published on Amazon is great. When I see I have reads through Kindle Unlimited or purchased copies of Omega Virus: Beta Hour or Dark Dayz: VR Dawn, I’m filled with childlike glee. It’s an amazing feeling making money from something you’ve worked so hard on. However, I’ve been unable to be as active on Social Media as I would like, so I can’t promote everything properly. I fail at self-promotion. It’s something on which I need to work harder. That’s how I got people to come to read Omega Virus on Wattpad, to begin with. If you haven’t followed me on Twitter, please do.
On Wattpad find me under: JakeAshStrife
On Facebook:
My Amazon Author Page:

Strange World: Grimoire (book 1) and Omega Virus: Gamma Hour (book 2) are still in the editing process, and will hopefully both be published on Amazon shortly. This also means they will be taken down from Wattpad.
Before long my Wattpad will be a ghost town, with all unpublished books. So you should read, vote, and comment on them while you still can.

I’m also still working on Dark Dayz 2 (posting as I go on Wattpad)
and my Earthbound fan fiction (adaptation).

Despite all of the negativity of this year, I’ll leave you with these hopeful words in regards to what we are holding on to:
“There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.”

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