Publishing & Sleepless Nights

Jake A. Strife on August 1, 2016

I haven’t blogged in a long time. It’s been half a year. Too long.

As I sit here tonight, or should I say this morning, I’m on the verge of publishing my first refined novel, Omega Virus: Beta Hour. It has quite the following on Wattpad, with five books, and fans begging for me. (Which there will be TWO more books)

I’ll be launching it through Amazon Kindle and Paperback novels. If you want a free (limited time) copy, here’s a link to be notified of when:

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Life has been crazy ever since my move to New York City in Feb of this year. I can’t say I’ve been able to be as productive as I would’ve liked. And what I have produced, I’ve liked less than I should. Still, books get edits, and that’s the important part.

I now have 15 novels. 12 of which area publishable. (Two were rewrites and one is a fanfic). Here’s a list:

Omega Virus – Books 1-5, Severed Chains 1-4, Dark Dayz, Strange World, and GodForge.

After publishing Omega Virus: Beta Hour, I’ll likely be doing the same with Dark Dayz: VR Dawn.

As much as I love posting my works on Wattpad, I can’t make a living that way. No author can, really. So it’s with sadness I must announce I’ll be taking down most of Omega Virus: Beta Hour after I publish, then I’ll be doing the same with each book I publish, whenever that book occurs.

The good news? I’ll still continue to post new books on Wattpad. My readers can get them basically for free as I post, up until the point where I officially publish.

Now that I’ve finished Omega Virus 5 ¬†– Psi Hour, and editing Severed Chains 2, what’s next, you may ask? Strange World 2!

Strange World has the smallest following of all my books, but it has the best read to vote ratio. So I’m hoping fans will begin to pick it up again.

Other than that, what is there to say? I’m in rainy New York City (why does it rain so much in the summer here? I miss Southern California! haha). But I plan on moving soon… to a much better writing environment. Also, one where I can get back to playing VIDEO GAMES. I haven’t gotten to play much at all these past six months.

Have any good games come out? Too many, I’m sure. The last I played was Adventures of Mana on the VITA. I started Tales of Vesteria–Didn’t care much for it. Same with Farcry Primal¬†and even Dark Cloud remastered on the PS4.

Anyway, given that it’s 4am now, I should probably try to sleep, but I doubt I’ll be able.

Goodnight everyone.


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