OV Books (codex)

Jake A. Strife on December 22, 2016

Book 1: Beta Hour

Book 2: Gamma Hour

After surviving months in the ZPoc all alone, Tiffany Gainsborough still wanders in search of signs of life. In desperation she leaves radio messages, trying to find Zach, her friends, or anyone at all.
When she comes across a broadcast between two people calling each other Brother and Sister, she is overjoyed… that is until she realizes there’s something wrong with them; something very wrong. To make matters worse she hears howling in the distance when she hasn’t seen an animal since the Apocalypse began; and the animals, or whatever they are, sound hungry.

The virus has evolved.

Book 3: Delta Hour

In the recently founded city of New Hollow, survivors have gathered. Jessie Bluefield is one of them; she and her friends, the Gamer’s Guild. Life has finally started to look up. She has the love of her life, her best friends in the world, and a chance at normalcy once more.
Peace however never lasts. A figure emulating the Headless Horseman attacks on New Hollow and has the ability to take down the superpowered Zach and the Link Brigade arrives with a mission to save the President of the United States. Soon dark secrets will drive her down a path she never wished to follow; one that will either shatter her new life or leave her in a state of undeath.
Beware a Mother’s Wrath.

Book 4: Sigma Hour

Years after the events in New Hollow, Jeff Mason, and his friends are on the run. They live from secret base to base, trying to stay one step ahead of their enemies, G.O.D. Mode and Devil Code. With one of their own pregnant, they are unprepared when their newest home comes under assault. They are forced to split up and flee to survive. Soon, Jeff finds himself the subject of an experiment by a long-sought ally. This experiment will rob him of his very humanity, but give him powers comparable to Zach and Grandfather. Is it worth the risk to take town G.O.D Mode once and for all? And what of these surfacing memories of a girl from him past? In order to survive, Jeff must change. Become better. Faster. Stronger.
It’s time for some upgrades.

Book 5: Psi Hour

The mastermind behind the ZPoc has the Silver Star and the only one capable of taking him down is in a coma… or is he? Dave Carnby has a plan. With help from Beauregard’s notes, he has developed the Psi Device; a machine capable of entering the subconscious of anyone he can get close enough to. With Jessie’s help, he plans to infiltrate Dante’s castle, rescue the Silver Star, and take down the villain from the inside out. But what lies in wait inside the mind of a scheming, all-powerful madman? Can Dave possibly survive the horrors ahead? And if so, will the nightmare FINALLY be over?
Out of the frying pan; into the inferno.

Book 6: Omega Hour

The end is nigh. With Dante out of the picture, all that is left is to hunt down the Silver Star. That would be easy if Dante’s influence hadn’t turned her into a reality-altering monster. Now she wants blood, and she won’t stop until she’s destroyed every last living creature on the face of the planet. The Gamer’s Guild is running out of time. With each passing day, Silver gets closer and closer to her goal. They must split up to find her, and hope beyond hope they can bring her back to her senses. Little do they know she has her eye on a prize that will assure her genocidal conquest; her Omega Virus imbued father.

Success or Game Over; it’s all in their hands.

Book 0: Alpha Hour

Wesley James always knew he was meant for greatness. He excelled at video games, and always felt his meager role in the mundane world to be underappreciated. Upon discovering a futuristic in-game message, addressed to him, he realizes his meager role is something much greater indeed. It’s his job to stop an evil, all-powerful entity, that just so happens to run his favorite game studio. Posing as an intern, he must infiltrate G.O.D. Mode games and fight to prevent something he’s waited for his entire life–the Zombie Apocalypse.

New Game+.


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