Now Published: Omega Virus – Book 1 – Beta Hour

Jake A. Strife on August 12, 2016

NOW PUBLISHED: Omega Virus – Book 1 – Beta Hour

Holy Gamers vs. Zombies! I’ve published “Omega Virus: Beta Hour” on Amazon. Yes, just search Omega Virus and you will find it somewhere in the first few items.

I wrote Omega Virus: Beta Hour (book 1) back in 2013 and have had it published on Wattpad for a few years. It had reached 203,000 reads and 8,000 votes before I became forced to unpublish it.

You can still find Omega Virus Books 2 through 5, as well as DarkDayz, Strange World, GodForge, and Severed Chains 1-2 on Wattpad. And please do! Read them and vote! One day they’ll be published too. My wife and I are already working on getting DarkDayz read for publishing.

Currently, I’m writing the sequel to Strange World: Grimoire.
I started just a few days ago, and I’m already ¼ of the way through, so needless to say, it’s going great!
After SW2 I’ll be writing DarkDayz 2, and then we’ll see. Maybe Godforge 2, or Omega Virus 6. It’s kinda up in the air right now depending on my schedule and what happens with the rest of this year.

So all in all that’s 14 novels written, and well over a million words total. It’s insane to think of… I started writing in 2007 after taking a Story Writing class in college.
I’d always enjoyed writing, but I’d never became serious about it until then.

Remember my New Years Resolution was to write at LEAST six novels this year? I’m already halfway there. But I’ll be happy with FOUR at this point.
Being an author isn’t a job—It’s a dream—And I’m living it.

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