New Year’s Resolutions 2K17

Jake A. Strife on December 20, 2016

Blog #34: New Year’s Resolutions 2K17

As I realize I don’t blog as often as I should, I decided to get this one out now before I forget.
How do you all feel about New Year’s Resolutions? Is the start of a new year important to you? Do you feel like it’s a fresh start? A new beginning? A chance to wipe the slate clean? I do. Ever since I was a young child, I remember my mother and I watching the New Year’s live from New York City, with the big, sparkly ball dropping in Times Square. I would always be so excited, and maybe it was because this was one of the times my mom and I shared together when most we didn’t because she was always sick.
When the clock reached ZERO and the New Year began, I had a fresh hope that things would get better. Did they? Sometimes, yes, sometimes, no. But still… it gave me HOPE. And hope is something we need in this world, especially nowadays, with recent events all over the world.
I don’t remember if my mom or other members of my family made New Years Resolutions. I don’t even remember if I did, for most of my life. But what I do know, is this year was the first year I can remember almost succeeding on such an attempt.
As of December 31, 2K15, I pledge I would SIX novels in 2K16…
I completed:
GodForge – Book one – Forge of the Mind
Dark Dayz – Book one – VR Dawn
Omega Virus – Book five – Psi Hour
Strange World – Book two – Mega-Real
While most of you could follow this progress by following me on Wattpad, you didn’t see what I accomplished behind the scenes.
I did HEAVY edits on multiple books as well. Each of this took almost as long as writing a book in itself, so they should count for something…
Omega Virus – Book one – Beta Hour
Dark Dayz – Book one – VR Dawn
Strange World – Book one – Grimoire
Omega Virus – Book two – Gamma Hour
…So in a sense, I worked on EIGHT projects and completed them by October of this year. Could I have written another full novel in that time span? Yes, I suppose, but I needed some time off after busting my butt for the first ten months of the year (especially in the terrible working conditions I had).
If you want to be kind, you can say I made my New Year’s Resolution and then some. If you want to be technical, I failed, once again. It’s up to you to decide, but I will go with the brighter side of things and say I DID succeed. I even published the first two edits on Amazon! Strange World 1 and Omega Virus 2 will be released soon as well.
In 2K17, I plan on publishing even more, as well as writing/editing more books.
Now, what are my resolutions for 2K17?
I’m hesitant to give myself such stressful goals as this year… by here I go.
In 2K17:

Write at LEAST three books:
1. Dark Dayz 2: Shaded Noon
2. Omega Virus 6: Omega Hour
3. GodForge 2: Forge of the Body
(I’d like to write more if I can, given how many titles I have up my sleeves, but we’ll see).

Edit and Publish at LEAST five books:
1. (publish) Strange World 1: Grimoire
2. (publish) Omega Virus 2: Gamma Hour
3. (Edit/Publish) GodForge 1: Forge of the Mind
4. (Edit/Publish) Dark Dayz 2: Shaded Noon
5. (Edit/Publish) Strange World 2: Mega-Real
(again with so many books up my sleeve, I’d like to surpass this.)

Draw (a lot) again.
(I used to draw over one hundred drawings a year. This year I barely picked up my pencil in comparison!)

Read at LEAST three books from beginning to end.
(I used to read constantly. As a kid, I would read book after books. Now I can’t even focus to read one chapter in a sitting… Not sure which books I’ll read… but at least ONE of them will be the Legend of Drizzt book: Archmage.)

I don’t need to make any other resolutions as I know these are the four things I need to focus on the most. Video game playing is a given, as well as collecting trophies in said games.
So that’s that! Those are my four New Year’s Resolutions.
Do you attempt New Year’s Resolutions? Do you succeed? Let me know in the comments!
Thanks a bunch for reading and sticking with me through 2K16! If I don’t post again by 2K17, I hope your year starts off great, and I wish you many successes from January 1st until December 31st! 😀

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