January (2K17) Accomplishments

Jake A. Strife on January 23, 2017


Well! These past two weeks have been busy!
I started writing Dark Dayz (book 2): Shaded Noon back in November, and I placed the teaser on Wattpad even a month earlier. For some reason, I struggled with motivation to write for months. Maybe I’d burned myself out with all of the books I’d written and edited in 2K16. After my surgery in October, I decided to take time off. But that time continued. And continued. And continued. I didn’t write anything for almost two months. Then I wrote Chapter 1 of Dark Dayz 2. My lack of motivation continued into the new year. (On the plus side I got a lot of trophies on Playstation… well, I’m proud of that anyway).

Then came January. For the first week, I thought my New Years Resolutions would be lost. The motivation would NOT return. However, one day I woke up wanting to write a chapter… so I did. Then I felt like I needed to write more. So I did. Two chapters in one day! Something I hadn’t accomplished in a long time! So the next day, I managed to do the same. Before I knew it, I’d written two chapters a day for two weeks straight… AND finished Dark Dayz Book 2. For me, that’s record time. Back when I first began writing I MIGHT have had the same drive. I don’t remember how long it took to write my first four books, which clocked in at 150K, 130K, 120K, and 110K words respectively. (Far too many words, mind you).
I wasn’t even serious then. That was for fun.

So with all of my written books (including two rewrites), I have completed 16 novels. Holy Graphomania Batman! (obsession with writing). This number doesn’t include my series of short stories I penned in high school. There were at least eight of them. SILENCE Y2K: Year to be Killed. Or my full-length handwritten novels, Hell’s Gates (and the original Severed Chains stories). Also, 16 does not include my two fan fictions. I recently estimated I’ve written somewhere around 2.5 million words; handwritten and blogs excluded.

In other news, not only have I completed Dark Dayz 2, but I published Strange World (book 1): Grimoire. Yes, that’s right, for a low price, you can have your very own Kindle copy of my third published novel! Search Jake A. Strife or Strange World: Grimoire on Amazon and you should find it. Or use this link. (paperback coming soon)

My pipeline of works to write/edit is always changing, depending on demand, and time constraints. However, now I plan to go right back and edit Dark Dayz 2. It’s still fresh in my mind, so I can make sure the plot works from beginning to end.
The next book to be published is the sequel to Omega Virus book 1… Omega Virus (book 2): Gamma Hour.
So stay tuned for that upcoming release! As I said, busy, busy, busy.

Ultimately this year, I would like to complete the following (at least):
Publish: Omega Virus 2
Publish: Dark Dayz 2
Publish: Strange Wolrd 2
(Re)write then publish: Severed Chains 1
Write: GodForge 2
Write: Omega Virus 6

That would complete my New Years Resolution… But I want to accomplish so much more.
We’ll see what happens, though! Life is crazy sometimes and there are so many more books to write.
I have next to me a list of 22 series in total that I plan to finish.
Prequels, Sequels, and new tales with brand new characters! A writer’s work is never done… and that is the most exciting part.

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