God Forge


Gods ravaged the land…   The mortal realm, Anhsook Del Iris, was under constant attack. No one knew why, or what they wanted. One by one, the gods–they wiped entire cities off the map—to me, it seemed they were searching for something. At one time, I did not believe in being such as gods! I was a fool. I believed we were alone. Our magic was our own, our science was our own—our lives—were our own. But then everything changed. My friends, my loved ones, almost all of them were slain as angels of the heavenly tyrants swarmed down around us. So few survived the initial attacks, and even fewer were capable of fighting back. I sat by and watched the attacks come for years—always fearing! Always scared that my wife, my son, or I would be next to die. But one day I made a discovery! And maybe this was what the gods sought. In the town of Angel’s Outpost, deep under the ice caverns of Sheeva, I found a legendary artifact—the Philosopher’s Stone. It was then I formed a plan. If the gods wanted the stone so badly, I would give it to them—in the form of a warrior that could bend its power to his will. I would create a God Slayer. I would save our world. But there was a problem–how to hide it from them—and more so, the price of the sacrifice I would have to make—the live, no, the very soul of the one I cared most dearly about.

–Azteron Zirnoff