Dark Dayz



The game trapped them all, and now they are all going to die.

Everyone was excited to play the world’s fist real MMO Virtual Reality Game, “DarkDays”. So much so that a million copies sold out in minutes. One million players logged on and began their journeys to enjoy a truly realistic world. The game touched on all of the senses; touch, smell, sight, taste, and sound. One thing players didn’t expect, was pain. Panic ensued and the logout button didn’t work.
This is when things began to change.
The fantasy world turned dark and the difficulty levels spiked. Players who lost their lives in game died in real life. DarkDays had become a game of life or death.
The notorious hacker, Z, came forth claiming responsibility and demanding only one thing; that the best gamer in the world come for him and face him at the end. If they defeat him, then and only then will the nightmare end.
One pro-gamer plans to answer the call and enter DarkDays in order to hunt down and defeat the hacker. He goes by the name of Zycuh. Some say he’s legend, some say he’s crazy, but he would say he’s the only one who stands a chance in hell of saving everyone’s lives.
Enter the world of DarkDays.

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