Blog #41: Year-End Reflections

Jake A. Strife on December 6, 2017

Blog #41: Year-End Reflections

So, 2017 is already coming to an end. Can you believe it? I know I can’t.
A lot has happened this year in my life… and with the world. The main highlight is the new addition to my family. My daughter Aeris was born this spring. Things have been a whirlwind since! Haha.

Regarding my New Year’s Resolutions…
I pledged to write at least three books. And I actually wrote four and will start a fifth before year’s end.
They weren’t the books I expected to write, though.
I wrote:
Dark Dayz 2: Shaded Noon
Severed Chains 1: Fateless (rewrite)
Omega Virus 6: Omega Hour
Crimson Wars 1: Blood Sisters
(and I’ll be starting)
God Forge 2: Forge of the Body

My second resolution was a crash and burn situation.
I wanted to edit and publish five of my books…
Strange World was published, but that’s it.
Omega Virus 2, should be published by the end of this month (Dec). We’ll see. I’m editing it now.
And I have to edit God Forge 1 before I write book two.

My third resolution…
Draw a lot! Well, this one went so-so.
I did around 40 pieces of work this year. Better than some years, far worse than my best.
Most of them were done in the first couple months of the year, and a few now this month.
I really would like to make a comic again, like back in high school. Maybe in 2018. We’ll see.

My fourth resolution was an utter bomb.
I wanted to read three books from beginning to end. I THINK I read one… The Legend of Drizzt (book 31): Archmage.
I tried to read Diablo: The Sin War Book 1, but I fell off the rails and never picked it up again. This is in no small part that my Kindle doesn’t want to stay charged anymore. I have the 2nd gen Kindle Fire… It’s old now, and it often shuts down on its own. Maybe I need a new one. It’s so hard trying to find time to read. I miss it…

I didn’t make a resolution regarding video games, thank gosh!
Somehow I managed 10 platinum trophies… I’m not sure exactly how many Bronze, Silver, and Gold I obtained, but it was an okay year for gaming. I played 23 different games, although most I didn’t make it far due to life. Not lives in the game. Life itself. The real world.

So now what?
The holidays are coming… I won’t have as much time to work because of that fact, so I doubt I’ll get too much more done this year. I’ll be out of town, so I won’t be doing any gaming the last two weeks of 2017. I hope to keep drawing and editing until Dec 31, 11:59pm. And I REALLY want to start writing God Forge 2 before 2018.

I’ll write my resolutions for 2K18 in January. We’ll see what I challenge myself to do. And with a daughter who has reached 7 months, I hope to get more done. I can’t wait until she can play video games and watch anime… and play Dungeons and Dragons! I’d also love to take her to Anime Expo… Disneyland and Six Flags… Haunted Halloween Events at amusement parks… Oh my, there are many good times to come!

Life is never boring, I can say that much.
Did anyone read Crimson Wars? It was a surprise book. I really didn’t think I’d write my vampire novel for at least 10 years from now. I think it came out rather well. As far as the sequel… I have no clue when I’ll write it…






God Forge 2: Forge of the Body
–The next book I plan to write.

Dark Dayz 3: Fading Dusk
–Can’t wait to write this one. Dark Dayz is my favorite series!

Strange World 3: Ether
–I owe you this final novel in my main Strange World trilogy.

Severed Chains 2: Tribulation (rewrite)
–I want to make this series as amazing as possible.

Omega Virus 7: Alpha Hour
–Last but not least, the end of my first major novel series!

Stay tuned everyone. Let’s see where 2018 takes us!


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