Blog #39: Omega Virus Book 6 Complete

Jake A. Strife on July 16, 2017

Blog #39: Omega Virus Book 6 Complete


Greetings & salutations everyone!

It’s been awhile. Four months to be exact, and I apologize for my long absence.

A lot has been going on. In April, I began writing Omega Virus Book 6 (currently on

In June my first child was born; my daughter Aeris. And now, just a few days ago, I completed writing Omega Virus Book 6. So as you can see, I’ve been quite busy.


Omega Virus Book 6…I once sought to end the series there. While books one through five had different narrators, Book 6 switched POVs between those five original characters. The battle at the end of the world, this book takes place at the end of the Zombie Apocalypse and will be humanity’s last stand against the forces of the undead.

Then how will there be a Book 7, you may ask. Well, you’ll just have to read Book 6 to find out!

It’s on Wattpad, published 100%…for now. Eventually, it’ll fall into the pipeline to become published and be taken down from the free-to-read website. But you have awhile. Book 2 is still in the editing process to be published.


After Omega Virus Book 2 is published, next will be Dark Dayz Book 2, then Strange World Book 2.

I’m currently self-editing Strange World Book 2, before setting it into the pile with the others in the queue.

Afer that, I plan to edit GodForge 1 and then write its sequel, GodForge Book 2: Forge of the Body. I’m excited to do so, as my fans have been waiting for some time.


You can currently find three of my novels for sale on

If you do pick up a copy, make sure to leave an excellent review after you’ve finished reading! It means the world and helps others decide on whether to buy or pass on a book.


With that, I must bid you adieu…For I have much work still to be done. Social Media stuff, chapter postings, editing, and finding time for all of these things. A newborn is a handful!

Take care.

And remember…The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!

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