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Jake A. Strife on March 3, 2017



If you missed it, in January, I finished writing Dark Dayz: (book 2) Shaded Noon and edited it as well.

In February, I published Strange World: Grimoire! Pick up your copy here:

Then, for the rest of the month, I went on a drawing streak and took a break from writing for the most part…

However, I did start my next WIP (work in progress). Which is… Wait for it…

Rewriting Severed Chains 1 from the ground up. I’m rewriting it because when I first typed the story, it was ten years ago. I had no idea what I was doing, and it was a blemish compared to all my current books. Especially after I tried to edit it from 150,000 words to 90,000. I gutted too many essential components, and the story felt stale. So I outlined a new version, and cut certain scenes while keeping in the most exciting ones from the original. Let’s just say it’s going to be much better than the first. I DO want to publish it… sometime this year. I’ll be giving Severed Chains Book 2 the same treatment. I’ll also rewrite my never released versions of Severed Chains 3 & 4.

As of today, March 2nd, I’ve rewritten ten chapters of Severed Chains, the final version.

So that means I’m 1/4 of the way through the book already. If I can keep up a good pace, I may be done before March is even over. Then I can edit Strange World 2, Severed Chains 1, and Omega Virus 3. All of which will then be moved to the publishing stage behind Omega Virus 2 and Dark Dayz 1.

Given… if I can get all of that done promptly, I’ll be writing Omega Virus: (book 6) Omega Hour, before the end of summer. It depends on how long editing each book will take. I can typically edit a book in two weeks if I set my mind to it.

I recently put together a work schedule that encompasses every book I plan on writing (I may add more depending on series/character popularity). I gave myself two months to write a book, one month to edit, etc., for years to come.

But I hope I can get ahead of schedule, and keep ahead by several projects… because I want to write and finish all my current series, as well as get to starting the next ones. There will be other series in most of the worlds in which I write, which is exciting because one day, I want to write a book that goes through all of my worlds… They all exist in the same multiverse. So don’t be surprised if you see easter eggs, hints, and characters crossing the series barriers.

I fear I’ve been disappointing fans for the lack of sequels. To tell the truth, I dug a grave when I started a total of five series and thought I’d go through them and finish each quickly. I’m still trying to climb out of that grave, and it’s increasingly difficult with a publishing schedule worked in. Still, I WILL get out my promised sequels this year. At least Omega Virus 6 and GodForge 2. When this year, is a good question. I’ll find time.

If you’ve read this far, I thank you and ask for your patience as I work out things the best I can.


Stay tuned as always for more writing info, artwork, Wattpad chapter postings, and book publications.

Now I must bid you, adieu.

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